Reusable Cleansing Face Cloths

The WOWJude cleansing cloth is ultra-soft on the skin and made out of a polyester blend. WOWJude is effective for everyone, soft, gentle, soothing, and rejuvenating. Simple to use, soak it in warm water, wipe and cleanse face. Removes makeup (Mascara, eye shadow, base), creative body art, and face paint. WOWJude assists with Acne Control keeping you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Soak the towel well in water and watch the magic happen.

WOWJude is a reusable cleansing cloth that you can throw into the washing machine every couple of days and when washed, no stains will remain. Women spend hundreds each year on products just to remove make-up from their skin. Whether it’s a face wash, lotions to be applied by cotton pads, or facial wipes.

The WOWJude cleansing cloth will not only save you money, but change the way you think about make-up, and removing it. It’s convenient and easy to use and lasts and lasts and lasts!