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My Tale

Many people have asked me why I started NutriKrem.
Well, here is my story:

One day, out of the blue, around July 2017, I noticed that my face started flushing occasionally, and it was very swollen in the mornings. At first, I thought it was an allergy, but it just progressed and got worse as time passed.

I went to various dermatologists, specialists, and tried various medications, skincare treatments, and skin products of which the majority irritated my skin and/or gave me an allergic reaction.

I went through a very emotional time and completely withdrew from society, including neglecting my family. It was very challenging to do my full-time job, but I kept persisting to find answers and solutions.

I gave away, and even threw away most of the skincare products that I had previously purchased. I didn’t seem to see much improvement in my skin after all the thousands of Rands I had spent. Thanks to my hero husband Ian, who has supported me all the way, I didn’t give up!

Finally, I was diagnosed with Rosacea Subtype 1, known as Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea (ETR). I still can’t pronounce it to this day, but it is basically a subtype of Rosacea characterised by flushing, persistent central facial erythema (redness), and telangiectasias (thread-like veins).

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It was a difficult road to recovery, and I was still in search of skincare products suitable for my condition and sensitive skin.

I only used an SPF50 Sunscreen from SUNSKIN, which was very gentle on my skin for about a year. One day I decided to take a leap of faith and try the SUNSKIN SPF50 Tinted Sunscreen Gel. I was so amazed by the results; it was soft and gentle on my skin. I felt so pretty wearing my new 3 in 1 foundation. After 6 months of using the product, I phoned the supplier, Hanlie Burger, and started stocking their products to sell to family and friends.

The idea then hit me to start my own company. . . NutriKrem.

I can wear make-up up again (Natural & Organic allergy-free make-up), go outside in the sun (with SPF50 of course) and see clients without feeling embarrassed. I still occasionally have my off days as rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition, but I’ve never felt more appreciative of the little things in life.

Welcome to NutriKrem where we provide happy + healthy + holistic skincare, grooming, healthcare, and cosmetic products. We are passionate about helping people find suitable, quality, and cost-effective products that truly make a difference in their lives. All our products are proudly South African!


Nutrikem is a skincare and health brand that compliments my skin and lifestyle perfectly!
The products are not only aimed at making me look and feel good, but are also healthy and solution-based. I love the fact the products target and remedy my problem areas, but at the same time ensure I have that glow.
Nutrikrem supplies products for all skin types and diversities, so everyone can experience good skin.
I am proud to represent such holistic skincare, and health at its best.


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